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Magay & Barron - Personal Consultaion


Picking your style is too important to be left to chance by simply browsing a selection of frames. At Magay & Barron Eye Center we take the time to use our vast experience and training in frame selection. At Magay & Barron we’re not self-service –we’re full service.

Magay & Barron - Contact Lenses

Lenses and Frames

Whether you need glasses for driving or TV, lenses for office work, polarized eyewear for sport, or any of the amazing variety of specialized lens products available today – you’ll find them here at Magay & Barron Eye Center along with a staff who knows how and when to fit them to you.

Magay & Barron - Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Dr. John Dadah Primary Eye Care Specialist 15 years with Magay & Barron Eye Center Dr. Dadah co manages refractive surgery cases. Treats red eye and eye injury cases. His exams are complete ocular health assessments covering macula, glaucoma, and cataract. An expert on contact lens technology, Dr. John fits contacts with care and gives great follow up service. Dr. Dadah has two wonderful little girls of his own and relates well to our youngest patients.

Look Great in Eyeglasses

Some people just look great in glasses, some we wouldn’t recognize without them. Think Jack, think Jacky O., (heck, think Onassis himself), Karl Lagerfeld is another, all the Mad Men on TV. and you. We work hard to find you the best “look” and fit. Been doing it for a long time – and we(…)

Made in America

Not to sound too proud, but we are happy to be representing Randolph Engineering sunglasses. (Not only made in America, but actually in Massachusetts) Fabricated with an amazingly durable frame that is as beautiful as it is functional. A broad lens choice from polycarbonate plastic up to glass polaroid lenses with or without mirror coatings(…)

What would James Dean think of the P3?

  A hollywood original, Dean had his unique “look”. We see a lot of interest in classic frames harking back to the 50’s and 60’s. In the picture, Dean is wearing a great classic P3 shape frame (probably produced by Liberty Optical back in the day) Our current P3 is custom made for us in(…)