FSA Alert, (also gift items!)

Well, you’ve done it again! Its November and you still have a nice amount left in your FSA account, (and you So don’t want to lose it!). We have added an extra day of eye exams and Dr. Dadah is accepting new patients. There is still time to call and make that appointment and get(…)

Words You Probably Don’t Want to Hear!

“You are so lucky to have wet macula degeneration” One of my oldest friends came back from an appointment at a world-renowned Boston eye clinic, and with a history of vision loss in his family, these were not unexpected words but ones he dearly did not wish to hear. The good news is that the(…)

Blue Light Special

Blue Light Special! Hey K-Mart shoppers – over in aisle three … Oh Wait! Not that kind of blue light. The latest big new thing, now that we’ve gone through digitally surfaced lenses, wave front technology, the latest form of transitions, dispensing aids using iPads and laptops, appears to be the desirability of attenuating a(…)

Roll your own – Eyeglasses…

… that is! 3D printers are getting better every year. Eddi and I enjoyed a demo of the latest printing technology at Vision Expo at the Javit’s Center in New York. From a spool of plastic to a pair of cool eyeglasses in an hour or two. Much more sophistication in design coming in the(…)

Car Wash for Glasses?

What better way to clean your eyeglasses then to put the top down and drive through Ernie’s Bay Wash! What? Too wet and cold? Perhaps you are right – how about this gadget we spotted at Vision Expo last weekend. It was our annual optician’s gathering at the Javit’s Center in New York City. migraine(…)

Color is the word for Spring!

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Cool in Glasses!

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“You’ll put your eye out!”

…but not if your kids get their glasses at Magay & Barron – all our lenses for kids are made with impact resistant materials at no extra cost.  injectable steroids for sale online

Our latest ad – Think Spring

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Wearable Technology

Recently, our friends Lauren Monroe and Adam Zelny from The Worcester Think Tank teamed up with us and Michelle Pepin from Rochester Optical to explore the latest in wearable technology from Google, Lenovo, and Epson. In the near future these devices may become as common as smart phones are today. Rochester Optical designs and fabricates(…)