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Picking your style is too important to be left to chance by simply browsing a selection of frames. At Magay & Barron Eye Center we take the time to use our vast experience and training in frame selection. At Magay & Barron we’re not self-service –we’re full service.

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Lenses and Frames

Whether you need glasses for driving or TV, lenses for office work, polarized eyewear for sport, or any of the amazing variety of specialized lens products available today – you’ll find them here at Magay & Barron Eye Center along with a staff who knows how and when to fit them to you.

Magay & Barron - Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Dr. John Dadah Primary Eye Care Specialist 15 years with Magay & Barron Eye Center Dr. Dadah co manages refractive surgery cases. Treats red eye and eye injury cases. His exams are complete ocular health assessments covering macula, glaucoma, and cataract. An expert on contact lens technology, Dr. John fits contacts with care and gives great follow up service. Dr. Dadah has two wonderful little girls of his own and relates well to our youngest patients.

FSA Alert, (also gift items!)

Well, you’ve done it again! Its November and you still have a nice amount left in your FSA account, (and you So don’t want to lose it!). We have added an extra day of eye exams and Dr. Dadah is accepting new patients. There is still time to call and make that appointment and get(…)

Words You Probably Don’t Want to Hear!

“You are so lucky to have wet macula degeneration” One of my oldest friends came back from an appointment at a world-renowned Boston eye clinic, and with a history of vision loss in his family, these were not unexpected words but ones he dearly did not wish to hear. The good news is that the(…)

Roll your own – Eyeglasses…

… that is! 3D printers are getting better every year. Eddi and I enjoyed a demo of the latest printing technology at Vision Expo at the Javit’s Center in New York. From a spool of plastic to a pair of cool eyeglasses in an hour or two. Much more sophistication in design coming in the(…)

Car Wash for Glasses?

What better way to clean your eyeglasses then to put the top down and drive through Ernie’s Bay Wash! What? Too wet and cold? Perhaps you are right – how about this gadget we spotted at Vision Expo last weekend. It was our annual optician’s gathering at the Javit’s Center in New York City. migraine(…)